Asian godfathers

Asian Godfathers: A great book that reviews how Asian billionaires made their fortunes… the thing is, most of the modern American marketing about making a fortune in business is wrong – or rather, misses an important point in acquiring and maintaining a huge fortune. The Asian business people have monopolies or near monopolies on boring/traditional businesses by buying the influence of government officials. These businesses provide an uninterruptible supply of cash, which has been used by the Asian tycoons to expand into other, more risky endeavors. And when those new business endeavors suffer, they stay afloat through the down economic cycles by relying on their one cash-stable business. You just need one thing paying the bills, creativity is not business (as it is often hyped in the US), without cash-flow, there is no sustainable business. Know your cash-flow projections like real businesspeople do. So, while US corporations spend millions of dollars on lobbying government officials for benefits… and with former investment bankers in the ranks of the government we’re seeing a huge transfer of public monies valued in the billions being handed to Goldman Sachs and other investment insiders… but the self-help people stress anyone can build a successful company and a fortune – but now you see, creativity is valuable, it’s helping a few companies get to the government funds without it being called theft.

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